• To visualise the future needs of the young members entering into the profession and to gear up the professionals for dynamic environment.
  • To help the young members in meeting the evolving expectations of the society as far as the technical and professional skills are concerned.
  • To explore and develop new avenues of practice/employment/entrepreneurship for Young Members.


  • To develop the knowledge portal providing information regarding latest developments relating to the profession and to promote various ICAI initiatives for our young members.
  • Portal to contain:
    1. Latest developments relating to profession
    2. Area of Practice available to Young members entering into Profession and ascertaining new areas of practice ICAI initiatives for young members
    3. Job opportunities in CA firms
    4. Networking opportunities
    5. Interactive platform for query solving etc


  • To conduct courses, seminars and conferences etc. for young members on subjects of relevance to the profession.
  • To organise trainings, workshops and short term courses on various topics such as Taxation, Appearing before Tax Authorities, International Taxation, VAT, GST, Informational technology, etc.
  • To organise industrial visits and guidance from industry leaders.
  • Arrange webinars on various topics such as how to develop practise, new professional opportunities, how to choose proper job, etc.
  • To develop kit for young members containing study material, motivational video CDs, reference material, etc.
  • To arrange young members meeting at major branches.
  • Specialised LOW COST / SUBSIDISED Certificate Courses/workshops on various topics such as:
    1. Financial wizard- to enhance capacity of young CAs in the areas of capital market, project financing, raising of finance, budgeting,
    2. Entrepreneurship development- to train future leaders in business
    3. Networking workshops
    4. Residential workshop at Centre of Excellence and other places
    5. Workshops to help members to succeed in the corporate world
    6. Outsourcing opportunities in accounting, auditing, management, consultancy services and alike
    7. Information Technology


  • To support young members in transitioning into a new role or career challenge, specialised programs wherein guidance from senior professionals would be given so as to improve performance, acumen, knowledge, etc. This will help young CAs to develop themselves as successful practitioners or corporate leaders.
  • This program will be executed with the help of successful practitioners, CFOs, faculties from Management Institutions and Chamber of Commerce.


  • To recognise talent of young members; organise online quiz competitions, organise special debate competitions, encourage them to write articles on professional subjects.
  • To constitute an excellence award/recognition for Young Members in practice, corporate and having own enterprises


  • To assist in procuring financial and other help to young members for upgrading their skills and learning technology, as may be considered appropriate and within the powers of the Committee.
  • To interact with various stakeholders in various sector, self-regulatory organizations and government on matters relating to growth and development of Young Members.
  • To deal with such other matter as the Council or the Committee may consider appropriate.